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Sparkle Life!

A snapshot of the energy, youth and enthusiasm that Club Sparkle brings! We hope you join us at one of our next events… ENJOY!

Planet Hollywood Event!

Just a glimpse of the many Sparkle events to come…hope you make the next one!

Club Sparkle, NAGOYA!

The Nagoya Team makes the Sparkle dream a reality.

The 33rd Tokyo Health Industry Show

“Club Sparkle showcased at the 33rd Tokyo Health & Beauty Expo. Thank you to all who came to see us! The turnout and showcase was incredible!

Sparkle, Launched in Japan!

This short video reveals the captivating energy of Tokyo and the instant wows people get with our soon to launch beauty line!

Club Sparkle, TOKYO!

Another short video showcasing the Sparkle Leadership Team having fun in Tokyo.

Club Sparkle – Osaka Club G2

Club Sparkle taking over Osaka, Japan! The Sparkle Family will only continue to keep growing!

Club Sparkle – Shibuya, Japan

Thank you everyone for making Club Sparkle’s Open House a success! Looking forward to the next event!

Club Sparkle – Electric Zoo Beach

Club Sparkle represented at Electric Zoo Beach in Tokyo 2015!


Club Sparkle party bash at Social Club Tokyo in Shibuya! It was a night full of excitement as we showcased the next revolution of skin care into our Club Sparkle Lineup of Products: ANGEL SILK! Also, a surprise birthday for the Chairman!

Club Sparkle – Rooftop Pool & Bubble Party

What’s better than one Club Sparkle party video? How about 2 video parties all wrapped up in 1! Enjoy the highlights from Club Sparkle’s Rooftop Pool Party in Osaka and Bubble Party in Tokyo! The parties will only continue to get bigger from here!


Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated their Halloween Night with us and for the great costumes as well! Crazy-T and the S7ick Chicks lit the club on fire with their performances. A perfect end to the Halloween Night!

Club Sparkle – BEAUTY NIGHT

The Holidays are just around the corner and we here at Club Sparkle just want each and every one of you to remember that YOU are beautiful, inside and out. Check out the highlights from Club Sparkle BEAUTY NIGHT and the celebration of bringing out the inner beauty within everyone.


A brief snapshot of the Club Sparkle culture and opportunity.

BREAK Philippines Press Conference & Movie Premiere (2016)

Kaizen Studio’s press conference and private screening of the movie “BREAK” in Manila, Philippines. Please enjoy the highlights from our memorable event!!

Anthony Diaz V and BREAK on Philippines NET25 (2017)

Anthony Diaz V and Kaizen Studios were featured on Philippines Entertainment Television! Thank you NET 25 Entertainment News for the amazing shout out and cover story for our film “BREAK.”

Sparkle Success Story – REIKO OKADA

Reiko Okada has followed the visions and path of the Chairman and President for almost 20 years! Listen to her story of how Club Sparkle changed her life!

Sparkle Success Story – EIICHI OONO

During Oono’s tough times in his life, his drive for success ultimately led him to Club Sparkle and living a SPARKLE LIFE! Now he lives to spread his joy of life and helping other people achieve their dreams!

Sparkle Success Story – AKIRA HASHIMOTO

Akira Hashimoto met the Chairman and the President 18 years ago. He, not having any business experience at that time, took a leap of faith into the Sparkle business. Now he has become able to get rewarded and  enjoy his hobbies. How has he led his life? Listen to his story.


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